In the United States, Joe Biden defends his policy against inflation

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In the United States, inflation is still weighing on Joe Biden’s popularity. As the campaign for the midterm elections of November 2022 begins, Joe Biden knows that public opinion is unhappy and he explains himself.

With our correspondent in Washington, Guillaume Naudin

To the United States as elsewhere, everything increases. This has been going on for several months now. As he is in power, Joe Biden is obviously considered the first responsible and he tries to reassure on his action.

I want all Americans to know that I take inflation very seriously and that it is my No. 1 priority in domestic policy. “, he thus declared.

The president says he understands the discontent of his compatriots. And he explains that his most radical Republican opponents, supporters of Donald Trump, are fueling him in the hope of profiting from it in the next election.

Americans have two choices…

Joe Biden takes on Make America Great Again

The Republicans “Make America great again” are counting on your frustration at the pace of progress they are doing everything to slow down, for you to empower them, and for them to apply their extreme program “denounces the American president.

Joe Biden defends his reforms to lower family spending, to reduce the deficit and create a tax for the richest. But these are still blocked in Congress. So Joe Biden has to rely on the Central Bank.

The Fed should do its job »

I will never meddle in the judgments and decisions of Fed officials, and I will never tell them what to do, they are independent, recalls Joe Biden, but I believe inflation is our biggest economic challenge right now, and I think they think so too. So the Fed should do its job and I think it will do it with that in mind. »

Last week, the Central Bank raised its interest rates and intends to raise them further in the coming months, hoping to calm inflation.


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