iOS: If you have Spotify, Apple removes it for Apple Music

News hardware iOS: If you have Spotify, Apple removes it for Apple Music

Apple tends to be persistent in pushing iPhone users to subscribe to Apple Music. What appears to be a bug on some devices replaces the Spotify app with Apple’s home version. There is a little strong Tim Cook.

Apple Music is needed in the dock

Present since the beginning on the iPhone, the dock is the area at the bottom of the screen when you are on the home page. No matter what application page you are on, the dock remains visible and aims to bring together the applications you use the most.

Up to 4 icons can be added, and many people choose to put their music streaming app there. However, some have had the unpleasant surprise of seeing their Spotify application disappear. The problem appeared since the update to iOS 14.4.1.

We can see it on this video posted by Kevin Arche, the first to spot the anomaly with this video on Twitter:

When Apple Music is downloaded, it automatically replaces the Spotify icon on the dock. Other cases show the application taking the place of other third-party services like Twitter, but also native iPhone software like the camera or Safari. That should be reason enough to say that this is a bug and not an intentional mechanism on Apple’s part.

Apple responds

Fortunately, the bug does not cause the total deletion of the targeted application, but simply puts it back in the app library, accessible to the right of the home pages or with a simple swipe down to open search.

After the discovery of this small glitch, Apple responded by stating that it is indeed a problem that will be resolved shortly.

It’s no secret that Apple is doing its best to promote Apple Music in iOS. Apple’s native app is required to easily create a custom alarm clock ringtone.

Even in the Control Center audio interface, it’s not possible to choose another default app, and iOS pushes you to pick up Apple Music.

A few examples among others that show Apple’s desire to retain its users through monthly subscriptions.

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