Le Bouchon, a restaurant to discover all the variety of Côtes de Bourg wines

However, we will not speak of chance. “We are in line with the development actions carried out in recent years in the field of wine tourism,” smiles Didier Gontier. The Maison du Vin shop was created in the 1990s. It is a great tool for promoting the appellation, which allows you to discover its variety and quality. But we had to evolve”

When the ODG decided to invest in a reception area – groups and seminars welcome – the idea of ​​an associated catering structure was already in their heads. The place was created in 2015. The links forged with river tourism operators have made it an essential gourmet stopover. “To promote our products. With always, it is a principle, a winegrower of the appellation present, to talk about his work. »

Supporting winegrowers

Only one table was missing. The duo from My Terroir got down to it with relish. On the plates, Blayais asparagus followed by seven-hour lamb, the menu of the day. “We have developed our menus in a bistronomic spirit”, explain Romain Métais and Stéphane Eclache, who confess “a real crush on the site” and its unparalleled view of the walls of the citadel and the waters of the estuary. .

“If you honor all the appointments, normally, you will have toured the appellation in a year”

“We wanted an offer that blended with local wines. Knowing that the 160 Côtes de Bourg references presented in the shop are available at the restaurant. » How to find your way around? “Here again, the winegrowers play the game. Three times a week, one of them comes to meet customers to present his products, between 7 and 9 p.m. » And to slip into a smile: « If you honor all the appointments, normally, you will have covered the appellation in a year. » Chick.

The two men have the generous verb and the art of the formula. College buddies, oval brothers, they trained on the markets of European countries. We started by doing “product sourcing”, recalls Stéphane Eclache. We were looking for products to market them in France. It was natural that they teamed up for My Terroir, a concept initially aimed at providing aperitifs on demand in Bordeaux. They have since adapted to the market to offer catering services.

The issue of the season

Pushing Le Bouchon in Bourg could only seduce them. “If there is another appellation restaurant, attached to a wine house, we haven’t found it,” smiles Stéphane Eclache. There is indeed a wine bar attached to the CIVB, the Bordeaux Wine Interprofessional Council, but it is not the same thing…”

The team intends to respond to the challenges of the place. Open from Tuesday to Saturday at noon with a choice of starter/main course/dessert menus at €22.90. And only three evenings – Thursday, Friday, Saturday – with a different spirit. “We have put ourselves in working order to have a real offer in the evening, with a closing at midnight. The schedules will be arranged for the tourist season, which is very important for the territory. » A state of mind that will continue at the beginning of July with the opening of a guinguette. And a pétanque court. Because it’s not just gastronomy that goes well with Côtes de Bourg.

(1) Defense and management body.

“Le Bouchon, winegrower’s cuisine”, 1 place de l’Éperon in Bourg. Such. 05 57 94 80 25. lebouchondebourg.com

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