Many Macs equipped with the M2 chip would be in preparation at Apple

If rumors suggest the arrival of two Mac M2s at Apple’s WWDC in June, the American manufacturer is already testing many more. From MacBook Air to Mac Pro, here’s what we know.

According to the application logs on the Apple Store, Apple is already testing many Macs equipped with the M2 chip. This was revealed by Mark Gurman, brand specialist who therefore predicts the release of several models – nine in total – in the coming months.

MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and Mac Pro on the program

If we do not know much about this new chip, it would offer a priori for each configuration a few more CPU and GPU cores compared to the M1. In any case, the latest rumors suggest the arrival of two new MacBooks at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference scheduled for early June, probably one or even two MacBook Air M2 and/or an entry-level MacBook Pro M2.

It will logically be necessary to add MacBook Pro 14 and 16 M2 Pro and M2 Max, but the wait may be long before seeing these land, the M1 versions being still very recent. The Mac Mini would also be there with probably an additional Pro version and the Mac Pro would complete the catalog. It has not been renewed for a long time and if it was expected lately, it is finally the Mac Studio and its M1 Ultra that stole the show. Oddly, no mention of the iMac has been made yet, although a Pro version with a 27-inch screen has been long overdue since last year’s release of the 24-inch M1 model.

What gains compared to M1?

What can we expect from these future Mac M2s? Better performance of course, but the jump made will probably not be as significant as between the Intel and M1 versions. On the other hand, it is difficult to assess the energy efficiency of the M2. Have Apple engineers increased their consumption to improve performance or, on the contrary, worked to reduce it for even better autonomy?

We will only be able to verify all this during our tests of the various machines, but the year 2022 promises to be rich in new developments on the processor side with Apple and its M2, AMD and its Ryzen 7000 expected in the fall, and Intel and its Raptor Lake by the end of the year.

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