Mbappé’s huge announcement for this week?

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While the future of Erling Haaland is now settled, that of Kylian Mbappé still remains a great uncertainty. The Parisian striker confused the tracks even more yesterday with his visit to Madrid, a few days after the information from the Parisian on an extension which would be on the right track…

Difficult to disentangle the false from the true in this flood of information, and the Gazzetta dello Sport has just released new information of size! Indeed, according to the Italian daily, a huge announcement from Kylian Mbappé cannot be ruled out in the coming days.

In the event of an extension, Kylian Mbappé could indeed announce the extension of his lease with PSG before the end of the week and his departure for Qatar. Real bomb in sight this week?

to summarize

Kylian Mbappé, the star of PSG, could finally announce the choice for his future in the coming days! The Gazzetta dello Sport indeed ensures that in the event of an extension, Mbappé could make his announcement before the end of the week!

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