“Moroccan Tesla”: Team battle between Yazami and its partners

On the left, Yehya El Bakkali, with the scientist Rachid Yazami in the center. The two were associated in the startup Atlastechin. Credit: Yehya El Bakkali

Unreachable to comment on our information, Rachid Yazami recently reacted to the Desk to come back to the Atlas project, “the Moroccan Tesla”. He specifies that he was not made aware of his participation as a partner of the startup and does not fail to criticize the project “which is in the process of collapsing”

On February 3, we published an article revealing a “crazy project” carried out by the scientist Rachid Yazami and a group of people, gathered within a startup bearing the name of Atlas For Technology &amp Industry (Atlastechin). It involved designing and producing a set of products, including two models of electric cars.

To detail the involvement of Rachid Yazami, we reported the mention on the Atlastechin website, since inactivated, of the Moroccan inventor but also his presence in the round table of a structure of the startup based in London (See below below excerpt from the said document from the British commercial register but also screenshot of the now defunct information site).

Breakdown of the capital of Atlas For Technology & Industry Limited before February 4, 2022.

Immediately after our article, we were contacted by one of the promoters of the project: Yehya El Bakkali, asking us to delete the article, highlighting the confidential nature of the information, wanted because of an upcoming fundraiser.

El Bakkali also agreed to answer our questions, detailing the scope of the project: We are currently at the styling stage before prototyping, we have a strategic partnership agreement with a leading design and engineering company in Italy known to help major international brands in the development and launch of their luxury car models »he tells us, adding that “the operational phases of the project will be launched by 2025”.

He also makes it known, regarding contacts with Rachid Yazami, that he met the professor when the latter “was looking for help promoting its super fast charger technology in the UK. I managed to connect him with key stakeholders here, including potential investors. Later, we started discussing the possibility of forming a joint venture with its Singaporean company KVI Battery to develop, manufacture and market its super fast charger technology in the UK and Morocco”he says in his written response to the Desk.

He also claims that his team had direct contact with the former Minister of Industry and Trade, Moulay Hafid Elalamy, but also his Director General of Industry, Ali Seddiki.

While the scientist Rachid Yazami had not responded to our requests, since January 31, an exchange took place during this February 4 between The Desk and him. While asking us to remove the article, the researcher clarified that “all the information was wrong”. However, he changed his mind once the official document of his presence in the round table of the London structure was communicated to him, arguing this time that it is a ” provisional document.

However, the document is indeed official, deposited in the British commercial register on November 19th.

Faced with the evidence of his participation in the project, Yazami turned to El Bakkali, asking him to account. The reaction was immediate, 24 hours after our article: In an update of the statutes of the British company, carried out on February 4 at the level of the British commercial register, we proceeded to the withdrawal of two partners, Rachid Yazami and Waheed Qaiser, presented as an ex-banker and also mentioned as a member of the team.

Capital distribution of Atlas For Technology & Industry Limited after our article and on February 4.

Rachid Yazami would therefore have no connection with the project, having been placed against his will in the round table? However, this is not the first time that the scientist has mentioned an idea similar to that developed by Atlastechin. In October 2020, during a webinar whose remarks were reported by The360, Rachid Yazami mentioned “of an industrial project which, according to him, will exceed that of the American giant Tesla”.

“The Franco-Moroccan inventor says he is waiting for Morocco to come forward for the exploitation of this technology, not hesitating to set a deadline (end of 2020) beyond which, in the absence of a reaction from the authorities, it will be obliged to grant the rights to other countries”reported the media. “The ministry contacted Professor Rachid Yazami to find out more about his project. Thus, it was agreed with the researcher to submit his business plan to the ministry as soon as possible so that it can be studied and analyzed so that he can benefit from all the support that justifies it”reported the same site citing a source within the department at the time headed by Moulay Hafid Elalamy.

Today, in the exchange with The Desk, Rachid Yazami is however intransigent: there was never any question of active participation in this project which resembles his. However, he claims to have “suspended all collaboration with Atlas”adding that The Desk “was lured by non-professional kids”. Except that, as we clarified to Professor Yazami, our source has always been official and factual: its name indicated in the British commercial register, without forgetting its mention in the website which has now been deactivated.

About Atlas, he ends up saying that it is an organization “which is collapsing before our eyes”. “For me it’s an empty shell”he concludes, calling for an investigation into the matter…

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