mortar fire, scooter and stabbing… How a match descended into violence in Créteil

The Louis-Issaurat gymnasium in Créteil where a Regional 3 futsal meeting took place on Monday between a club from Créteil and Villeneuve-Saint-Georges was the scene of scenes of rare violence between spectators, as reported by Le Parisien. Two men were injured. An investigation has been opened by the Territorial Security.

The videos quickly circulated on social media. They show how a futsal match slipped and ended in total chaos and confusion on Monday evening in Créteil. This meeting counting for the Regional 3 championship opposed Créteil Palais Futsal to VSG Futsal, a club from Villeneuve-Saint-Georges. The challenge ? A possible rise in Regional 2 between the two rival clubs of the Val de Marne. More than enough to put the packed Louis-Issaurat gymnasium under very high tension.

Two young people aged 20 and 21 injured

From the start of the evening, two men entered the field… on a scooter. The kick-off of the meeting scheduled for 8:30 p.m. is delayed by an hour and a half! If the match will go well to the end and will end with the score of 3-3, the electricity around the field will continue to rise until it explodes at the final whistle. While completely panicked mothers try to leave the gymnasium with their children, a violent general fight between spectators breaks out. Between mortar and paintball fire, the chaos is total.

Créteil Palais Futsal and VSG Futsal condemn these incidents

“An investigation has been entrusted to the Territorial Security, indicates the parquet floor of Créteil, quoted Friday by Le Parisien. Two people, aged 20 and 21, were injured. Their vital prognosis is not engaged. The youngest has was injured with an iron bar, the second was stabbed.” Also according to the Ile-de-France daily, six people armed with knives and batons were arrested overnight from Thursday to Friday in Créteil. They could be related to the incidents of Monday evening.

On the club side, VSG Futsal issued a statement on Thursday to strongly condemn these “unspeakable excesses” and support injured spectators. “The VSG Futsal club appeals to everyone’s calm, discernment and responsibility so that no escalation of violence takes place.”

This Saturday, the Créteil club also condemned “without reservations” these “incidents” and these “very serious violence.” “We strongly, without reservations and without partisanship condemn all of these acts which have terribly affected our members, our partners and the federal bodies, indicates the press release from the club of 94. We deplore the consequences of these events on the image of futsal, of our club but also of our city. (…) If the precise responsibilities remain to be established, there is already an observation to be made: that of a collective failure. Créteil Palais Futsal says it has undertaken internal work to decide on possible measures and find solutions so that such incidents do not happen again.

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