Napbot App now analyzes sleep apnea via Apple Watch

Developer Majid Jabrayilov is rolling out an exciting update to its sleep tracking app.

With this new iteration, numbered 1.7, theNapBot – Sleep and Nap Tracker users with an Apple Watch will be able to take advantage of sleep apnea analysis. The Cupertino watch (as long as it has enough autonomy) will measure the respiratory rate during the night to give a sleep apnea score (if the results are worrying, you will obviously have to go to a specialist to confirm this analysis). As a reminder, NapBot – Sleep and Nap Tracker leverages machine learning (CoreML) on iOS and watchOS to offer many settings and advanced sleep tracking. Users wanting a more accurate and dedicated device can get the Withngs Sleep Analyzer for 129.99 euros.

NapBot – Sleep and Nap Tracker is now available for free download on the App Store. The application requires 9.3 MB of free storage space on an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch running iOS 14.0, and an Apple Watch. If it is possible to use the free version, all the features are unlocked via a Pro subscription at 0.99 euros per month, or 10.99 euros per year.

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