new increase and end of the maximum bonus

Tesla is raising the price of its entry-level Model 3 for the second time in two weeks. She is no longer entitled to the maximum bonus, since she exceeds €45,000.

[Mis à jour le 15 mars] After having increased the prices of the basic version at the beginning of the month, remaining under 45,000 € to benefit from the maximum bonus, Tesla is once again increasing the prices of the Model 3. Less than two weeks after this first increase of €1,190the American manufacturer is not going too far with another inflation, this time of 2,000 €.

The electric sedan therefore now starts at 46,990 € for the entry-level propulsion called Model 3, while it was still displayed at €43,800 until the end of February. Enough to annoy those who are thinking about buying but have not yet taken the plunge… and to delight those who bought the sedan at the start of the year and benefited from a bonus of €6,000, saving nearly €8,000. € in total on the global invoice.

Sometimes a year of waiting to be delivered

With this increase, the Model 3 immediately exceeds the threshold of €45,000 to benefit from the maximum bonus, and finds itself with assistance reduced to €2,000. And from July 1, 2021, the new bonus scales will further reduce the amount of aid, with only €1,000. As the bonus is calculated according to the delivery date of the models ordered, some Model 3s ordered today will only be entitled to €1,000 at most, since the manufacturer announces big delays.

Indeed, for an order mid-March 2022, Tesla estimates delivery in February 2023 for the Model 3 and Long Autonomy versions without options, almost a year of waiting! Surprisingly, when optional wheels, upholstery or body color are chosen, the deadline falls to November 2022 or even August 2022. Tesla would therefore favor optioned models over production versions. The Model 3 Performance (from €59,990) has an even closer date, with delivery scheduled for May 2022.

No official explanation but several unofficial explanations

This variable increase depending on the configuration is not officially explained by Tesla, which generally remains rather vague on its price changes. Several unofficial explanations can nevertheless be put forward. This revised price, without having additional equipment or a new battery, is explained by the current context of component shortages and high cost of raw materials and minerals. With the outbreak of war in Ukraine, in addition to production problems linked to Covid-19, the supply of semiconductors, electrical harnesses and also aluminum is currently difficult.

Rising demand also played a role in Tesla’s decision. The model is one of the best sellers in Europe, especially on the French market. This is also where the sedan was the least expensive thanks to aid. Tesla was able to do market research and decide to realign prices with those of neighboring countries, and especially with competition, as Apple does when Samsung releases new phones. Indeed, the brand has revised its prices upwards a few months after the arrival of new products such as Renault’s Mégane E-Tech Electric, which starts at €35,200. The Volkswagen ID.3, very affected by component shortages, is a little more expensive with a single Active version displayed at €44,680, excluding bonuses.

Photo: F.Bousset.

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