Republicans vs. ‘big business’ woke good conscience

ANALYSIS – The elected officials deplore the commitment of American companies in favor of the points of view of activists in their eyes too marked on the left.

Big business can no longer systematically count on the support of the Republican Party. Especially if big business, anxious to be seen well in a largely pro-democratic media, engages in polarizing issues that unleash passions.

On topics like abortion, racism, gender reassignment, gun ownership, or energy decarbonization, Republicans decry the commitment of big corporations to activist views at their eyes too marked on the left.

Hollywood giants, especially Disney, but also high-tech companies and even airlines and big banks, are discovering that by wanting to be “progressive”, they provoke strong reactions from Republicans historically sympathetic to their wishes. traditional rules of minimum regulation and taxation. From Texas Senator, Ted Cruz, to Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, passing by Senator Josh Hawley, from Missouri…

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