Saint-Étienne: A new restaurant closes in Steel

Steel shopkeepers hoped Grande Allée would be an opportunity for restaurant owners to stock up all year round. Unfortunately for the moment, this is not the case and after the Fox Food & Snacking brand, which became a Haribo candy store, it is the Tacos Avenue franchise which has just closed. According to our colleagues L’essor, the manager, Olivier Beleny had invested 400,000 euros in the establishment.

Traditional cuisine, such as Les 3 Brasseurs or La Cocotte stéphanoise, would do a little better

For the moment, we do not know if this location will be taken over by another restaurant, because the supply would already be greater than the demand given the circumstances. Too many burger concepts and maybe not enough diversity in the offer. But in this case, traditional cuisine, such as Les 3 Brasseurs or La Cocotte stéphanoise, would do a little better.

The last few months have been complex and the health crisis has not helped. But the arrival of summer and the sun could put a smile on the face of restaurant owners. “We hope to fill the terraces soon”, explains one of them. The boom explains that “in addition to the manager of the liquidated establishment, two other fast-food brands, including one which had opened its first establishment in the Loire in 2020, initiated litigation proceedings before the commercial court last month. of Paris against Apsys”.

The restaurateurs are asking for the cancellation of signed contracts, explaining that the Apsys Group, owner of Steel, would not have respected commitments, in particular not to double the installation of restaurants in the shopping center.

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