Slimming: here is the only food with negative calories, according to experts

Are there negative calorie fruits and vegetables? If this received idea is wrong according to the experts, there is only one food capable of burning fat during its digestion. We’ll let you know which one.

If there are very low-calorie foods such as cucumbers, peppers or even certain spices, so-called “negative calorie” foods would be a decoy. A kind of myth long preserved by proponents of slimming diets, lending certain products the ability to burn more calories than they bring to the body, especially through their digestion. According to Sciences and Life, this received idea is not only false but it concerns only one food: the ice cube. Explanations.

The “ice cube diet” or the diet of ice cubes

If the health benefits of fruits and vegetables are well established, some can be integrated into slimming diets. The weight loss generated results from a mechanism of substitution for more caloric foods, which causes the patient a feeling of satiety, we learn in the columns of Sciences and Life.

Regarding the ice cube, the scientific magazine explains that it is the only food able to make us consume energy, and therefore allow us to expend calories without bringing us any. The principle is simple: when an ice cube is ingested, the body, which seeks to warm up, burns calories, and therefore fat, thus causing a weightloss.

A diet based on ice cubes, called the “ice cube diet” is particularly all the rage on the web. It consists of sucking on ice cubes at any time of the day as soon as cravings surface, thus triggering an appetite suppressant effect. Adopted by Renée Zellweger, the famous “Bridget Jones”this original diet would have allowed her to keep the line. “My body was very damaged when we finished the film… I had a panic attack hearing the specialists talk about how harmful it is, in the long term, to gain so much weight in such a short period of time”she told Closerstating that the “ice cube diet” would have done to him lose several pounds.

In this period of high heat, a refreshing break would therefore be good. Be careful, however, to consult your doctor before embarking on any diet that is likely to cause deficiencies.

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