Slowdowns on the iPhone: Apple agrees to pay

The case goes back more than ten years now but it has not been digested by those concerned. Apple has just agreed to pay a total of $20 million in a class action lawsuit in New York and New Jersey.

Concretely, people who had an iPhone 4s running on iOS 7 or iOS 8 and who installed iOS 9 in 2015 are concerned. Thus, while they were promised an improvement in the performance of their smartphone, the latter would have actually decreased a lot.

Class action lawsuits against Apple are very common

In their appeal, the plaintiffs also state: Apple made a false claim that iOS 9 is compatible with iPhone 4s and that it will improve or “increase performance” for its customers who download the software update. Instead… iOS 9 dramatically slowed the performance of their iPhone 4s devices “.

At the end of a six-year long legal process, the parties concerned will therefore be able to hope to receive compensation for this problem. A dedicated site has been created to inform them. Note that class actions are part of the daily life of a Tech giant like Apple.

Last February, we spoke to you in particular about these lawsuits brought by a group of British shareholders dissatisfied with certain statements by Tim Cook. You can find our article here. – Official App

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