A 100% local menu is possible

ARM-PANON FAIR. The Chamber of Agriculture organized, yesterday, a first meal 100% péi, from appetizer to dessert, from products harvested, processed and cooked in Reunion. A way to demonstrate that eating péi is (already) possible and always more tomorrow provided that communities, supermarkets and consumers also play the game. Fresh guava or pei pineapple juice, … Read more

Bras-Panon has a plan to eat better

Throughout the Fair, the municipality will present on its stand its vanilla road project (R’Vanille) and its Territorial Food Plan (PAT). Validated a few months ago with the State, it aims to promote sustainable, healthy and quality food through more diversified agriculture or the creation of an original municipal cooking school. Presentation. A major theme … Read more

Reunion facing a shortage of sunflower oil

Consumption. The war currently reigning in Ukraine is making itself felt even in our kitchens, where sunflower oil is increasingly scarce. While restaurateurs and individuals are organizing to avoid running dry, the E.Leclerc brand has already decided to limit the purchase of oil in its stores. The scarcity of sunflower oil in stores has probably … Read more