A 100% local menu is possible

ARM-PANON FAIR. The Chamber of Agriculture organized, yesterday, a first meal 100% péi, from appetizer to dessert, from products harvested, processed and cooked in Reunion. A way to demonstrate that eating péi is (already) possible and always more tomorrow provided that communities, supermarkets and consumers also play the game. Fresh guava or pei pineapple juice, … Read more

Bras-Panon has a plan to eat better

Throughout the Fair, the municipality will present on its stand its vanilla road project (R’Vanille) and its Territorial Food Plan (PAT). Validated a few months ago with the State, it aims to promote sustainable, healthy and quality food through more diversified agriculture or the creation of an original municipal cooking school. Presentation. A major theme … Read more

Discover the most asked question about love on Google – LINFO.re

“How do you know if you are in love?” is the question most asked by Internet users who use Google, the most used search engine in the world. On Google, the undisputed world leader in web searches, is highly sought after on countless diverse and varied topics, including love. THE most asked question about love … Read more

Renault Caravel. A barn find for sale in the United States

First marketed under the name Florida in 1958 and produced in around 117,000 units, the Caravelle takes us back to a doubly gone era. Those of Renault convertibles, which disappeared in 2015 with the discontinuation of the Mégane 3 CC. The front bonnet, which covers a luggage compartment, shows traces of rust. But also that … Read more

Google signs with the magazine press

LE FIGARO INFO – The publishers of the magazine press syndicate will receive remuneration for the use of their content by the American giant. It’s the end of a long battle that lasted more than two and a half years. On Thursday 14 April, the union of magazine press publishers (SEPM), which represents eighty publishers … Read more

Tesla Model 3 Long Autonomy (2022). Autonomy and rising price

While the market for compact electric vehicles is gradually expanding (read our comparative test Tesla Model 3 vs BMW i4), Tesla intends to keep the lead of its Model 3 in terms of autonomy. Thanks to an increased battery capacity (from 75 kWh to 82 kWh according to some sources but Tesla does not communicate … Read more

Reunion facing a shortage of sunflower oil

Consumption. The war currently reigning in Ukraine is making itself felt even in our kitchens, where sunflower oil is increasingly scarce. While restaurateurs and individuals are organizing to avoid running dry, the E.Leclerc brand has already decided to limit the purchase of oil in its stores. The scarcity of sunflower oil in stores has probably … Read more

Tesla Model Y recall. Suspensions to check on the electric SUV

Even if Tesla had initially planned to wait for the opening of its new German factory to offer its Model Y here, the American brand finally changed its mind. It began marketing its electric family SUV in France at the end of August 2021, almost seven months before its Berlin “gigafactory” started production. A few … Read more

Test Tesla Model 3 (2022). Still a good deal?

The best-selling electric car in the world, the Tesla Model 3 continues its incessant evolution. And it is often in small touches that Elon Musk’s protege shows changes. But for 2022 the modifications concerning the basic version, Propulsion, go deeper than a simple software update. It all starts with the heart of the car. Exit … Read more

Tesla Cybertruck (2023). The standard electric pick-up unveiled?

More than two years after its presentation with a concept car announced close to the series, the Tesla Cybertruck finally seems to become an industrial reality. Leaked photos from the Texas Gigafactory where the electric pickup will be produced reveal an evolution of the utility. The vehicle appears much closer to a production model than … Read more