Tesla raises its price, the slightest option blows up the maximum ecological bonus

Tesla has discreetly updated the prices of its compact sedan, the Model 3, and more specifically the entry-level version. Until now, to benefit from the maximum ecological bonus, you could choose an option (rims, paint, interior), but that has changed. Explanations.

The Tesla Model 3 // Source: Tesla

The price yo-yo of Tesla electric cars never ends. And today, a new increase on the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion (entry level) can be seen. Indeed, more recently, it was possible to acquire the compact electric sedan from the American manufacturer for 43,800 euros excluding ecological bonus. Today, it will take 1,190 euros more, but we will see that each option selected can be very expensive.

An ecological bonus that is no longer available with an option

The current rules for the ecological bonus are clear: it can reach 6,000 euros (until July 1, 2022, 5,000 euros thereafter) if the price of the vehicle is less than 45,000 euros. The aid is reduced to 2,000 euros if the rate is between 45,000 and 60,000 euros. Thus, when Tesla today offers a Model 3 Propulsion at 44,990 euros, the end customer will only pay 38,990 euros thanks to the bonus.

Model 3: Tesla increases its price, the slightest option blows up the maximum ecological bonus
The price of the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion increases in March 2022

For this price, you will find Tesla’s entry-level, namely a single rear motor, a maximum speed of 225 km/h, a 0 to 100 km/h shot in 6.1 seconds, 18-inch Aero rims , black interior and exterior white paint.

This price increase, which places the base rate at only 10 euros below the maximum bonus threshold, has a major consequence: the slightest paid option selected will make you exceed 45,000 euros, and will therefore be very expensive.

Model 3: Tesla increases its price, the slightest option blows up the maximum ecological bonus

For example, if you choose a paint other than white, the displayed price will increase by 1,190 euros. This therefore increases the entry ticket from 44,990 to 46,180 euros: the ecological bonus is thus reduced to 2,000 euros. The total price to pay will therefore be 44,180 euros for a black Model 3 Propulsion, compared to 38,990 euros for the same vehicle in white. The cost of the paint is thus 5,190 euros if we take into account the reduction in the ecological bonus.

Configuration Price March 2022 Prices before March 2022 Additional cost
White exterior, black interior €38,990 €37,800 €1,190
Black exterior, black interior €44,180 €38,990 €5,190
White exterior, white interior €44,180 €38,990 €5,190
Black exterior, white interior €45,370 €44,180 €1,190

Above, we have summarized in a table the impact of the price change for different configurations. It’s a safe bet that the manufacturer will sell many more Tesla Model 3 Propulsion white with black interior, given the price to pay to take the slightest option.

Finally, note that the deadlines have not finished getting longer, with around eight months of waiting announced for delivery, with a provisional date for November 2022. This specifically concerns the Model 3 Propulsion, the other two variants having not changed price or suffered an increase in lead times (May 2022 for the Performance version, and August 2022 for the Long Range version).

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