Tesla wants to accelerate in Shanghai


Photo credit © Reuters

(Boursier.com) — You’re here wishes a return to normal as soon as possible in China. The automaker is planning to set up two work teams in its Shanghai factory from May 16, according to an internal memo consulted by ‘Reuters’. A change that would allow him to bring his production back to the level before the confinement of the city. According to the agency’s calculations, this pace of work would indeed allow the American group to increase its local weekly production to 16,900 vehicles.

The factory, which makes Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y, reopened on April 19 after a 22-day shutdown, the longest since the site opened in late 2019. The disruption at Tesla’s Shanghai factory has been one of the most publicized consequences of the measures taken by China to control the largest wave of Covid-19 in the country, which also weigh heavily on local consumption.

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