Tesla will develop and market an autonomous robotaxi

Try Tesla will develop and market an autonomous robotaxi?

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On the occasion of the Cyber ​​Rodeo, Elon Musk announced that Tesla would add a new vehicle to its range: a dedicated and autonomous robotaxi.

Tesla is hungry for new things. And if the previous announcements are struggling to materialize, the American brand still has many projects on the desks. This is particularly the case with Tesla’s electric robotaxi.

As usual, Elon Musk has always been imprecise in his announcements. And as usual, that was enough to set the assembly present and the Web on fire. What could it be? From a vehicle with a futuristic look according to the boss of the brand. It is neither more nor less the only information launched by Elon Musk on this project which will be very different from the Tesla Model 3 robotaxis.

A level 5 autonomous driving system for the Tesla robotaxi

But speculation was quick to evoke a specific vehicle integrated into the Tesla range, which will only be used for passenger transport missions. As its name suggests, it will be fully automated, therefore with a level 5 autonomous driving device. This new vehicle should incorporate all the latest technologies and concentrate the enormous experience accumulated by the brand in Autopilot.

No additional information has been communicated about this future robotaxi, nor even a possible release schedule.

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