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MaMaMa celebrates its 2 years. This association of Seine-Saint-Denis distributes to mothers in difficulty and to their babies, without conditions and without questions, food parcels for infants (small pots, milk, biscuits and nappies). The founders, Aïcha, Magali, Marielle and Marguerite, who met as volunteers at the AP-HP during the first confinement, quickly understood that the food needs of 0-3 year olds were just as, if not more, pressing. than those related to health: “Food banks don’t think about food for small children because they are expensive products that have particular standards and there are few manufacturers. Result, in Ile-de-France, 50,000 infants are in a situation of malnutrition”, tells us its president, Magali Bragard.

So what do these chic girls do when war breaks out in Ukraine? They identify the places where mothers and babies take refuge and go there to help them. And so it was that in April, MaMaMa sent two semi-trailers full of infant food, childcare equipment, women’s and children’s clothing, sanitary napkins and emergency equipment to distribute parcels. on the spot, in the Moldavian capital and at the Ukrainian border in connection with local associations. Small pots as a political act!

Mirabelle plum juice from Lorraine, sparkling water, a slight fermentation to reach 6 degrees of alcohol (half less than wine): for aperitifs where you want freshness and a total intoxication lightweight, Pairdry is a good option. This drink, which is neither a beer nor a sparkling wine, joins the ever-growing list of drinks with a low alcohol content (we were talking to you this fall, for example, about sparkling mead, which , him, at 4.5 degrees). List of points of sale here.

It’s Bordier butter, which means it’s already exceptional. Made in Brittany with organic Breton or Norman milk, churned by hand with real skill, this gourmet butter has the good taste to be available in a thousand ways. A glance (or tongue) at the collection: butter with smoked salt, seaweed, Espelette pepper, yuzu, vanilla from Madagascar, Roscoff onion and, in summer, raspberry .

But the one that has captured all our love is the Bordier buckwheat butter: the grains, roasted, crackle under the tooth and brighten up both toast and radishes. With a hazelnut melted on asparagus, it’s immediately a starry dinner.


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