the food secrets of 4 wellness stars

Their body is their working tool, they nourish it with care. Alexandra Rosenfeld, Charlotte Muller… Yoga teachers and well-being specialists share their dietary and elementary secrets.

Alexandra Rosenfeld, yoga teacher: “Broth in all seasons»

“After years of processed foods, stews and lots of meat, I changed my strategy when I started yoga. Since then, at home, I eat organic and without meat or fish. My day starts with rusks and almond, peanut, or cashew butter. It is very rich in energy and protein. For lunch, it’s often eggs, cheese and a plate of seasonal vegetables and legumes, which I like to season with raw oils, I have a whole collection of them. I snack a lot while cooking, hummus, tapenade, dried fruit… All day, I drink herbal teas. And in the evening, it’s often a homemade broth with vermicelli and lots of spices. Even in the summer.”

Author of My wellness method , Éditions Robert Laffont, 172 pages, €21.90. @alexandrarosenfeld

Carra Sutherland, creator of Happy Sport and detox stays: “Intermittent fasting”

Carra Sutherland is the founder of Happy Sport & Detox, which offers fitness stays combining sport, nutrition and personal development. instagram @happysportdetox

“I have always eaten healthily, even as a child. As an adult, I adopted an anti-inflammatory diet: sugar-free, gluten-free, cow’s milk-free. For seven years, I also practice

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