The heartbreaking farewell of Yannick Alléno to his son Antoine, on the day of the funeral

Marine Corviole


Five days after his death are held the funeral of Antoine Alléno. Before bidding farewell to his son, starred chef Yannick Alléno paid him a poignant tribute on social media.

It’s time to say goodbye. This Friday, May 13, is the funeral of chef Antoine Alléno, son of starred chef Yannick Alléno. The 24-year-old died after being hit by a stolen car while riding a scooter last Sunday in Paris. A few hours before the funeral, his famous father paid him a poignant new tribute on his Instagram account.

“My little angel !! Today you will enter eternity! We have chosen your mother and I this beautiful house which has had the opportunity many times to see you pass by! It opens its doors to you this afternoon! You have never done anything like the others! You came into the world on July 4, an American national holiday and you left on May 8, Liberation Day, ”first writes the starred chef, in the caption of a black and white portrait of his son. “You are going to have a goodbye worthy of a prince worthy of you! My child, at 24 you have already done so many things…”

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Yannick Alléno continues his tribute by recalling all the trips that Antoine had the chance to experience, in particular to enrich his cuisine. Of course, he mentions their joint project launched last year: their burger restaurant in Paris. “You did this so well my son so well!! I’m proud of you !” Following the sudden death of its young chef, the restaurant Burger Père & Fils has closed its doors for an indefinite period.

The chef ends his message by anticipating the funeral scheduled for Friday at 3 p.m. in the collegiate church of Poissy. “This afternoon the whole world will come to greet you, I know you’re going to be a little embarrassed but it’s the ransom of glory, of YOUR GLORY! Your brother Thomas, your big brother and I are going to build again and again, with you to guide us, with that high gaze you have from the heavens, even more beautiful things! We love you and mourn you with all our bodies Antoine Alleno! My angel our adored child.”

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