The legal battle of the inventors of fake meat is raging in the United States

As the battle rages in supermarkets over plant-based products, two companies are going head-to-head in the United States. According to FinancialTimes, Impossible Foods sued Motif FoodWorks for infringing one of its patents on a product that uses a molecule containing iron. This protein was indeed designed to give vegetable products the taste of beef burgers. According to the complainant, his competitor violated his patent on this replica of beef that uses hemp (molecule that contains iron).

In response to the complaint filed by Impossible Foods, Motif FoodWorks filed a petition with the United States Patent Appeal Board. Above all, she asked that the legal proceedings be suspended for the duration of the procedure. This litigation bears witness to the war between companies in the sector where biotechnology makes it possible to create plant products that taste like meat. According to FinancialTimesthis constant search for novelty should lead us to expect numerous legal actions to obtain patents in this vast (and recent) field.

patent war

“New technologies allow you to make a difference and create an advantage over the competition,” suggests a Research & Development (R&D) researcher from the Heura Foods group, which specializes in plant-based meat. However, technology is essential today in order to obtain meaty flavors in vegetable products. Also, patents are essential for these companies to get funding and get started in earnest.

Impossible Foods was established in 2011 and launched its first plant-based burger in 2016. It’s now valued at $7 billion. The company produces hemp from soy and with genetically modified yeast. It would be one of its secret ingredients and what would differentiate it from its competitors. For its part, Motif FoodWorks produces its own hemp called Hemami, which is said to give this meaty taste to its vegetable creation.

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