the new Gourmet Tables itinerary stops in the setting of Verre y table

A lemon and yuzu enchantment served as a dessert, signed Jean-Charles Boisumault.

Helene Rietsch

On the menu, an inventive and generous cuisine, local and modern, which pays homage to the terroir while offering exotic incursions. From the starter to the dessert, we travel in the fields, oceans (octopus), undergrowth (we recommend its symphony of veal served with braised asparagus and a puree of shiitake with hazelnuts) to finish on a light touch of lemon and of yuzu (the fetish pie of the Verre y table, in the shape of a moon).

“We are all colleagues before being competitors”

“I am very happy to join the Tables Gourmands. It’s one more step for me and my wife Agathe. Maître-restaurateur four years ago, a young European restaurateur, it’s great. The objective is to maintain our quality and pursue our ecological approach”, testifies Jean-Charles Boisumault. An inspiration that he draws at will from the heart of the region, from spirits to meat from the Monts Verts farm (Montbron), from trout from Gensac-la-Pallue to poultry from Barbezieux, via the original exploration of oak. .

“Like a family”

“It’s very pleasant to welcome Jean-Charles, who learned his skills at my place,” replies Pascal Pressac with a smile, always quick to promote cooking everywhere. Since 1998, the association created in 1986 in Charente-Maritime during the inauguration of the Ile de Ré bridge has welcomed restaurant owners from the four departments of the former Poitou-Charentes.

  • Flavors of octopus, chorizo ​​and corn in a starter declined in two dishes.

    Flavors of octopus, chorizo ​​and corn in a starter declined in two dishes.


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This year the “Bible” of Gourmet Tables, distributed in member restaurants, tourist offices and online, has been enriched with four new tables in Deux-Sèvres and Charente-Maritime (1). To be included, you must meet criteria of excellence, such as being referenced in at least one of the three national guides (Michelin, Gault et Millau, Bottin gourmand). “More than a guide, we offer a travel itinerary,” adds Pascal Pressac. “A state of mind” where everyone advises their clients on their competitors, who are nonetheless partners. After eight visits, customers win a lunch or dinner in the restaurant of their choice with the bonus of a bottle of champagne.

“We experience this association as a family. We are all colleagues before being competitors. We find ourselves on values ​​and an acute sense of hospitality”, supports Céline Desmazières, manager of L’Yeuse, member of the Gourmet Tables for twenty years. The best way to check it is still to go there.

(1) Les Planches in Niort, Les Tables de la Cèpe in Ronce-les-Bains, Vivre in Rochefort and Le Bon Temps in La Rochelle.

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