the screen saver will finally bring you real functionality

Google has started rolling out an update for Android TV that lets you enjoy apps directly from the screensaver.

Google TV will gradually replace Android TV, but initially the two platforms will coexist // Source: Google

With the arrival of Google TV, the firm has launched a new feature, unheard of on its previous system for televisions: the screen saver. Concretely, it is a specific screen that will highlight only some information, such as the weather, the time and photos or works of art in the background.

However, the options offered so far were limited. However, last October, Google announced the arrival of new features on this screensaver. A card system will thus allow users to add certain elements to the display of their television. This is now the case as spotted by the 9to5Google site.

The new Google TV interface as presented in October
The new Google TV interface as presented in October // source: Google

From now on, the Google TV screensaver will allow you to browse different applications such as YouTube, a selection of images, Spotify, Google Podcasts or Google Assistant, in addition to the weather and the time. There is no question here of displaying all the applications installed on a television equipped with Google TV, but simply of allowing the user to quickly select an application likely to interest him.

An interface with smaller tiles than expected

Contrary to the initial presentation of this new functionality, in October 2021, the cards displayed are nevertheless small in format, largely emphasizing the photos or works of art present in the background. “It looks like the option has had a complete redesign from the original Google look. Maps are now much smaller and displayed at the bottom of the screen”thus indicates 9to5Google.

As a reminder, only a handful of devices are currently equipped with Google TV. This is the case with the latest Chromecast, but also with some Sony or TCL televisions. However, products launched under Android TV are not scheduled for an update to Google TV and will not be able to take advantage of this new screen saver. In addition, 9to5Google specifies that the deployment of this update is just beginning and that it is still particularly limited.

We can nevertheless hope for an update to all Google TV devices in the coming weeks. Another limitation, the feature was originally planned for deployment in the United States only. Nevertheless, the update being six months late – with, in addition, a change of design – we can hope that Europe is also concerned.

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