they transform a Model 3 into a 6-ton tracked electric tank

German YouTubers have challenged themselves to transform a Tesla Model 3 into a real off-road monster. The end result after several weeks of work is an electric tracked tank weighing 6 tons empty.

Here’s what an electric tank could look like straight off Tesla’s assembly line like Berlin’s Gigafactory filmed by a drone. This is not the first time that enthusiasts have transformed the manufacturer’s electric cars for fun. After the Tesla Model 3 transformed into a pick-up, we present to you the Tesla Model 3 transformed into a 6-ton tracked electric tank.

The Tesla Model 3 transformed into an electric tank – Credit: The Real Life Guys / YouTube

The German youtubers from the channel “The Real Life Guys” are the source of this challenge. They worked on this project night and day for 4 weeks ” to create ” the ultimate off-road Tesla “. The result is truly impressive.

The tracked Tesla Model 3 has 80 centimeters of ground clearance

The video shared by the youtubers details the process of creating the all-terrain vehicle. The longest was to assemble the two giant caterpillars that each weigh 1.3 tonnes. Next, the Model 3 had to be placed high on columns of wooden pallets. The wheels of the electric car have been removed to attach it to the tracks on each side. In fact, Tesla has recalled more than 48,000 Model 3 Performance for a speed display problem.

After assembly, the Tesla Model 3 mounted on the tracks has 80 centimeters of ground clearance, which is 66 centimeters longer than the original version. YouTubers also took the opportunity to attach a winch to the front of the car. This one is capable of pulling a load of up to 6 tons. The most intense part of the project was to create and weld the huge steel structures which house all the components necessary for the operation of the tracks.

At last, German youtubers asked Elon Musk if he wanted to take a ride aboard their electric chariot. In any case, they plan to release a new video in which they will show off the off-road capabilities of their tracked monster.

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