This Finistère restaurant that plunges you into the dark [Vidéo] – Brittany

You had to go there with your eyes closed. Hear without a priori. This is what these eight friends from Morlais did, very upset when they left their phones and put a black mask over their eyes, at the entrance to the Puits-de-Jeanne, near Morlaix.

8 p.m., Friday, May 6. Julie, Melinda, Barbara and the others are stamping impatiently. For their reunion, the thirties have chosen to treat themselves to a unique experience, offered for the first time in Finistère by the family inn in Plouégat-Moysan. A surprise meal with starter-main course-dessert, to be discovered in the dark.

” Let yourself be guided “

The reception takes place outside. There is Cécile Godbillon, a Parisian who surprised her Breton mother, Luce. There is also Marc and Christine Kerbaul, retirees from Lesneven, delighted to have won two places on the radio. There is still the Taulésien Alexandre L’Hostis, who turns 32 today. His wife Stephanie savors his surprised look. “We spend the evening here and the night in the cottage next door. The birthday present is complete! »

So we are there too, ready for the culinary adventure. The instigators, Alain and Mireille Scarella, sum up the idea, which they themselves tested in April in Paris. “We will place you one by one in the dark room. Let yourself be guided, we will tell you orally at each change of dish. If you have a problem, just raise your hand! »

Deprived of sight, we find ourselves touching and retouching the cutlery in front of us, listening for the slightest sound and leaning mechanically towards our plate.

Stiff as Playmobil

9 p.m. Here we are the last seat. We thought black was going to intimidate. On the contrary, most tables raise their voices. Deprived of sight, we are surprised to touch and retouch the cutlery in front of us, to watch for the slightest sound and to lean mechanically, like Playmobil, towards our plate. Entry has arrived. We sniff, we detail the outline of the ingredients and very quickly, we put our fingers in it! The joyful hubbub grows. “It’s like being in the black box of the Top Chef show! “, chuckles the table next to the girlfriends.

Chef Alain Scarella, preparing the dishes for this original meal, tasted in the dark. (Lionel Le Saux/The Telegram)

The consistency of carrot nem or mashed peas is easy to shape. For the leek shoots and the burnet, our not so delicate palate will come back. Accident at our table: the neighbor knocked over her glass of wine and wiped herself blind. The main course comes to give us a hard time. Christine recognized a mushroom. We think of the turnip. It was Marc who had it all right. In addition to the trap of the unstructured calf’s head, the sexagenarian recognized a candied radish!

“This is where we realize how lucky we are to have all our senses”

The calf’s head bet

10:10 p.m. Finally, we find the light. Dazzled, and surprised to no longer be alone in the world. “That’s when we realize how lucky we are to have all our senses,” sighs Luce, a little jostled by the experience. The septuagenarian admits to being tired by the noise. Next door, the group of girlfriends, him, completely validates the evening. In front of the real dishes in the photo, Alain Scarella explains how he had to adapt, this evening, to seven food contraindications. “The calf’s head was a risky bet. We will probably do differently, and with smaller tables, next time. “Appointment is made in the fall. Same place, same concept. Always eyes closed.

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