this flagship summer food sold is contaminated! Attention.

An essential summer food is the subject of a Leclerc recall. It would be contaminated with listeria and therefore very dangerous for health.

With the Buitoni pizza and contaminated Kinder affair, the French are much more vigilant about their purchases. Unfortunately, even with increased vigilance, it is difficult not to come across a faulty product in a supermarket every now and then. Indeed, Thursday, May 12, Leclerc launched a new alert on a flagship summer food.

Surimi urgently recalled

As salads return to our plates, the brand has alerted consumers to a product possibly contaminated with listeria. These are surimi crumbs with a crab flavor, very popular during the summer season. According to the government’s Rappel Conso site, this 180-gram product from the Pèche Océan brand is dangerous for your health.

Leclerc’s crab-flavored surimi crumbs were sold in self-service from 05/05/2022 to 05/12/2022. The lot bears the GTIN 3564700128091 with a best before date of 06/20/2022.

Listeriosis, dangerous for pregnant women

Only a few packages of the product would be affected by listeria monocytogenes. The times concerned for the consumption deadline of 20/06/22 are between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. The time is identified on the product by the last 4 digits of the marking, specifies the website.

People who bought the product are asked to throw it away or bring it back to the supermarket for a refund. Listeriosis causes fever, body aches and digestive upset.

However, the disease is particularly dangerous for pregnant women because it can lead to neurological complications and maternal or fetal damage, warns Rappel Conso. Older people should also be very careful.


Risks: Listeria monocytogenes (agent responsible for listeriosis).

Reason: Presence of Listeria monocytogenes

— RecallConso (@RecallConso) May 12, 2022


More specifically, it is a batch of surimi crumbs with crab flavor sold in a 180-gram bag, the references of which are as follows:

Barcode: 3564700128091

Batch: The times concerned for the DLC of 06/20/22 are between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. The time is identified on the product by the last 4 digits of the marking.

Health mark: FR 14.738.042 CE


Use-by date: 06/20/2022

Date of start and end of marketing: from 05/05/2022 to 12/05/2022

As indicated by Rappel Conso, the products concerned by this recall are marketed under the Ocean Fishing brand and sold in the fish department of Leclerc stores.

If you are in possession of the recalled product, do not consume it. You can destroy it, return it to the point of sale for a refund, or contact consumer services.

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