This man had been ordering pizzas every day for 10 years, the employees quickly understood why…

This is the story of a 48-year-old American who lived alone. His name is Alexander and he loves pizza. The story sounds like a movie but it’s a fact that really happened in Oregon. Moreover, this event was relayed on certain American press, on various social networks and also on television. In this article, we will tell you what happened.

Alexander: a big fan of pizza

Alexander is a calm, kind, but not very sociable person. He almost never leaves his house since he works at home. The only reasons for leaving one’s house are health concerns or order every night at Domino’s Pizza. He had this last habit for more than 10 years. And yes ! He remains faithful to this brand and never tires of it.

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To say that he is a regular at the place and that all the brand’s employees recognize him when he appears on screen. Moreover, it is thanks to this routine that he was able to be friend with the restaurant manager. They have known each other since 2019 and the young woman only took care of the pizza delivery service at the time. Over the years they have kept in touch and sometimes the manager bothered to knock on Alexander’s door to have a little chat.

Manager’s concern

Years later, the brand manager noticed Alexander’s absence from the order line. Indeed, the quarantine no longer stopped by to order pizza after dark for several days. At first, all the staff thought he was on vacation or that his absence was justified. For her part, the manager had doubts and checked the last orders.

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After that, she could see that Alexander’s last pizza order was from 11 days ago. To have clear ideas, she asked one of her employees to go to her home to check if he was fine. Once arrived, the delivery man noticed that the lights were on and could hear the sound of the television. He has knocked on the door several times and tried to call her but it was in vain. The waiter came back to the manager and told her the situation.

Ordering pizzas can save our lives!

The manager was very worried about the pizza delivery man’s report and decided to call the police to intervene. Arrived at the scene, the police did not have an answer. By insisting several times, they heard a whole small voice calling for help. Thus, they entered in force and discovered the man lying on the ground. Without delay, they called an ambulance to take him directly to the nearest hospital.

According to the doctors’ report, he had a stroke. The latter promised to take charge of his case immediately. The responsiveness of the manager of the pizza restaurant enabled Alexander to have the necessary care. The whole restaurant team is delighted to have been able to help someone. However, we can say that it was thanks to his routine that he was able to survive in this moving situation.

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