this summer, chef Martin Lafont invites himself to the house

If he has already provided extras in Paris and elsewhere, such as a wedding by the sea at the prestigious Canaille estate in Cassis (Côte d’Azur), Martin wishes to bring a more convivial, less formal touch as a chef at home. . “And why not teach people to cook stuff,” smiles the one who changes menu every week with his boss Amandine Chaignot, ex-jury of the TV show Masterchef.

“I do tailor-made”

But what to expect if we call on him this summer? “If you want to have a small party at home, but you don’t want to go to a restaurant, I come, and I do tailor-made”, comments the young chef. Able to provide a gourmet dinner, it can just as well offer buffets garnished with a range of starters, followed by “gourmet and fun things like marinated fish, small vegetables”. Example of creation: a starter of celery confit with hay and smoked eel, toum (Lebanese mayonnaise with garlic), and fried lovage. “I can accommodate if someone is allergic to fish, gluten intolerant, etc. “, he completes. Business meals, lunch, brunch, etc. : better to warn early for large groups.

Raw fish, tartars, ceviches…

Based in Orthez at his mother’s – “I’m going to borrow his car, his knives and his Thermomix…” -, Martin Lafont should experience intense summer activity: “I’m starting to get calls: a lot of parties are looming, family reunions or with friends,” he says.

Celery confit in hay, smoked eel, toum (garlic mayonnaise), fried lovage: a dish created by the young chef.


He is preparing to practice in a context of resumption of the festivities after two years marked by the restrictions linked to the Covid. His credo: “Indulge yourself with quality local products”, pleads the one who practices a “generous, gourmet cuisine, inspired by my roots”. Also a fan of raw fish, tartars, ceviches, carpaccios, and other land-sea recipes, Martin will be able to surprise with the charcuterie-fish alliance of a hake-merguez… And he is counting on his friends at the Chez Cabeillou restaurant in Orthez for a fruitful cooperation.

In 2023, he hopes to open his own restaurant, in association with his partner and his best friend. “It may be in Paris, or on the Basque Coast, nothing has been decided yet,” he says.

You can discover the dishes created by Martin Lafont on his Instagram, and contact him on 06 21 08 04 48.

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