“Top Chef”: This dish denouncing school bullying moved chef Rasmus Munk

TOP CHEF – Danish chef Rasmus Munk, known for his multi-sensory restaurant where he offers provocative dishes, denouncing global warming or animal abuse, was a guest in Top chef this Wednesday, May 11 on M6.

This one challenged the competitors still in the running to make a dish with a “shocking” visual to highlight a cause close to their hearts.

As a result, Lillian tackled smoking, Pascal warned of forest fires, Arnaud encouraged blood donation, Louise denounced famine, Mickaël criticized intensive pig farming and Sébastien highlighted harassment. school.

The latter, whose dish was not one of the winners in this event, however moved Rasmus Munk, who gave it a special mention. Faced with this dessert in the form of a bloody satchel presented on a slate, the Danish starred chef was plunged back into his past. “It’s a dish that moved me because you don’t see it every day and it’s a subject that was really close to my heart. It’s something that I really experienced too and I really liked the little details”, he explains (see the video below).

Sébastien presented this dish because he too suffered from bullying in his youth. “People made fun of me and suddenly, it was not easy”, he remembered during the show, he who experienced this in boarding school at the hotel school. “When you smile, you don’t feel like you’re sad, I never showed it, I always kept smiling,” he continued, before adding: “If today, a child tells his parents that things are not going well, it’s all won”.

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