Transfers – PSG – What if image rights derail Mbappé’s arrival at Real Madrid?

It would be a detail. A detail which is however not one. To the point that he could derail Real Madrid’s dream of bringing Kylian Mbappé to the White House this summer, according to El Pais. The generalist daily, which is a reference in Spain, indeed announced this Sunday that the Parisian striker would have been cooled by a point in Real Madrid’s latest offer: the management of his image rights.

While Real Madrid would have offered a fabulous signing bonus (180 million euros according to El Pais) and a monstrous salary (40 million euros net!), the Mbappé clan, which manages the interests of the Bondy star , would have been disappointed by another point of the Merengue’s offer. Real Madrid would indeed offer to donate to the former Monaco prodigy 50% of the profits related to his image rights. Which would be excessive in the eyes of Mbappé and his advisers.

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However, this is not necessarily a surprise. For years now, Florentino Perez, the emblematic president of Real, has imposed this kind of deal on his players. The merengue club asks its protégés to transfer 100% of their image rights before giving them 50% of the profits. It has become a tradition within the White House. But aware of his power of attraction and the issues related to his image, Kylian Mbappé does not intend to comply with this rule.

Each party has its own arguments. To justify this percentage of 50%, Real would have explained that the arrival of Bondy’s crack at Real will boost revenues linked to his image, according to El Pais. We are indeed talking about one of the richest clubs in the world with more than 640 million in turnover. But Delphine Vertheyden, Mbappé’s lawyer, would point out for his part that the world champion did not wait for the Merengues to become a marketing phenomenon that turns the heads of many brands.

In the meantime, all this imbroglio would in any case make the happiness of PSG, which was able to fit into the breach. This week, Le Parisien also mentioned that the French champion club would have found “an agreement in principle” to extend the striker’s contract. With a “stratospheric” net salary of 50 million euros per season, accompanied by a “loyalty bonus” of 100 million euros net and a two-year contract plus an additional year. And this time, the image rights did not generate any frustration…

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