VIDEO. United States: a policeman saves a 4-month-old baby in extremis thanks to cardiac massage

A tragedy was narrowly avoided… Friday, May 13, while patrolling the city of Atlanta, a police officer passed a vehicle with its hazard lights on and whose horn was pressed several times. Faced with these people visibly in distress, Robert Oden, the policeman, gets out of his car to see what is happening.

At that moment a woman runs towards him, looking panicked, with a baby in her arms. She tells him that her child is not breathing.

[Attention, les images de cette vidéo peuvent heurter.]

The policeman recovers the infant, but does not find a heartbeat, so he decides to perform cardiac massage. Using two fingers on the child’s small rib cage, he tries to resuscitate him, while sounding the alarm.

Help eventually arrived on site and at that time, the child regained a heartbeat and moved his legs slightly. The policeman handed him over to the rescuers who took him to the hospital.

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