“We want to prevent this from happening to someone else”

James Atkinson lost his life in July 2020 due to a severe allergic reaction. The young man had ordered a pizza on the Deliveroo platform from the Dadyal Restaurant, not far from his home.

Knowing that he is allergic to peanuts, this student was still, as usual, vigilant, but that was not enough this time. He had a major allergic reaction, and his parents now want allergens to be much better indicated on products in general.

“We would like a simple system to be put in place, where you just have to tick a box before ordering online with the question ‘Are you allergic, yes or no’ and if the answer is yes, then the instructions and the contact to call the restaurant and inquire would appear”, explain James Atkinson and Jill Atkinson.

Label better

Parents also want labels to show allergens better: “What we all need is a complete list of every ingredient that makes up the dishes on take-out menus. And a small sticker on the boxes of food delivered that reminds of the allergens present in the dish. »

“We just want to prevent this from happening to someone else,” they conclude. An investigation opens on Monday to better understand where the wrongs lie, but the restaurant has already been removed from the platform. This delivery man and Deliveroo have, for their part, been cleared.


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