When food prices keep rising

When food prices keep rising
Food prices will continue to rise. © Adobe stock

As France faces an unprecedented bird flu that raises fears of a shortage of poultry, food prices are rising and will continue to rise. What food products are affected? We take stock.

The products affected by the price increase

The war in ukraine, Europe’s breadbasket with Russia, has caused a rise in the prices of flour and pasta. So the pasta prices increased by 15.3%, according to the Research and Innovation Institute (IRI). The other two products that have increased the most are frozen burgers (+11.3%), and the oils (+10%).

Coffee, butter and semolina

Other products that are part of our daily diet are also affected by this inflation. This is the case for coffee (+8.2%), semolina (+7.5%), and butter (+5.4%).

Chicken, a soon to be rare commodity?

The price of chickens and eggs have already increased. An inflation that will continue in the weeks to come due to an unprecedented bird flu with entire farms slaughtered.

“5% increase in food products at the start of summer”

According to the IRI, a further rise is expected by July. Ms. Mayer, of the IRI, foresees “a new level of increase in food products of 5% at the beginning of the summer”.

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