Who are the top-up operators in France?

You will discover the vision of these recharging operators, but also their economic model. Finally, the number of stations owned by each company will be listed in order to see the coverage allowed in terms of charging. Let’s go !


Their vision

Stations-e responds to the challenges of the ecological and digital transition with the deployment of electric charging stations that promote the adoption of electric vehicles, while improving access to very high-speed mobile in Europe and offers local services to accelerate the development of local economies.

What economic model?

East e-stations the 1st national network of connected multi-service electrical stations open to Roaming with a program of loyalty. He deploys a innovative street furniture with a design that enhances public and private spaces, a small footprint (<5m²) and a installation in 1 day.

Investment, installation, operation and maintenance are free of charge with guaranteed quality of service on the long term.

Number of stations E-stations

  • 160 multi-service stations installed or in the process of being installed
  • 550 stations in 2022
  • 100 to 150 stations per region each year
  • +2000 stations per year in France
  • And a European development to come!


Their vision

Electra’s objective: to relieve the anxiety of charging to allay users’ fears and switch more quickly to cities that breathe, without CO₂ and without noise. Their mantra: So that recharging is an easy and pleasant moment !

What economic model?

Electra door all of the investments related to deployment and hardware. The stations are operated by the company itself and it can even rent your parking spaces for you.

In practice, Electra allows its users to benefit from a smooth experience, thanks to its mobile application: the motorist is directed to the nearest charging hub, and can reserve his terminal to recharge his vehicle. Payment is made directly via the application, a recharge pass or a bank card, at a rate of €0.44 incl. VAT per kWh consumes.

Number of Electra stations

Since 2021, the company has been working to deploy 1,000 fast charging stations in France thanks to a fundraising of 15 million euros.

Last month, Electra expanded its network of charging stations, signing a partnership with Louvre Hotels Group, with the key to 20 charging hubs by the end of the year, i.e. more than 80 ultra-fast charging points.

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Their vision

Like Stations-E, Powerdot responds in a concrete way to the challenges of the ecological transition with the deployment of electric charging stations. Making them cheaper and more accessible is his project!

Their business model

Do you want fast charging in your car park? They take care of all the installation and operation of charging stations in your car parks. In addition, their network is Pan-European : Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland.

Number of Powerdot stations

Currently, Powerdot has 4,180 charging points.

Total Energy

Their vision

Develop your electric mobility with their turnkey solutions! Their offer is aimed at all players committed to electric mobility, like them.

What economic model?

Installation and supervision of terminals, complete and personalized charging services, optimization of your installation: they support from A to Z in the development of your electric mobility.

A simple and effective charging solution for your employees? With their electric mobility offer, they will have access to a large network of public terminals, in the workplace and even at home. And this, thanks to the wealth of the brand’s network.

Number of Total Energies stations

Access to thousands of public charging stations in France thanks to Total Energies, more than 100,000 in Europe: a vast network opens up to you and your EV!

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Their vision

Fastned’s mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility. To do this, what better than give more freedom to electric vehicle drivers thanks to the deployment of reliable charging points?

What economic model?

Their goal is to develop a European network of 1,000 fast charging stations where all electric vehicles can charge through wind and solar energy.

Number of Fastned Stations

199 stations are present in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom and France.

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Their vision

Their philosophy? Always a charger nearby! Whether you’re going across town or across the country, their charging stations will keep you going. Allego lets you discover the freedom of electric driving.

What economic model?

The operator offers smart charging solutions for electric cars, motorcycles, buses and trucks.

Their end-to-end charging solutions make it easier for businesses and cities to provide the infrastructure drivers need, while the scalability of their products makes them a partner of the future.

Number of Allego stations

Allego is setting up an international charging network that includes already more than 28,000 operational charging points in Europe.


Their vision

Driveco wishes make electric mobility clean and accessible to all. From this desire was born the only 100% solar charging station in the world: the PARASOL.

What economic model?

Driveco can be your single point of contact for setting up a complete charging infrastructure. In fact, they offer a turnkey offer. Moreover, their solutions are universal, compatible with any type and brand of plug-in vehicle.

Number of Driveco stations

The Driveco network has deployed terminals spread over 242 load areas to allow you to charge your electric car.

Electric 55 charging

Their vision

At Electric 55 Charging, they care about simplify the daily lives of electric vehicle users. Thanks to their interoperable networkyou have access to charging stations with more than a hundred badges and smartphone applications.

Thus, recharging your vehicle is no longer a constraint!

What economic model?

Their economic model is based on the use of charging stations; it is therefore the guarantee of their proper functioning.

Number of Electric 55 charging stations

The Electric 55 Charging network has deployed terminals spread over 108 charging areas to allow you to charge your electric car.

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Their vision

Tesla says it wants “accelerating the world’s transition to more sustainable energy”. In particular via the deployment of the network of Superchargers… The construction and possession of these stations effectively allows accelerate the rate of adoption of electric cars.

What economic model?

Tesla’s business model is based on a three-pronged approach sale, maintenance and charging of its electric vehicles.

Additionally, Tesla has created its own network of Supercharger stations. Drivers can charge their Tesla vehicles there for free in about 30 minutes.

Number of Tesla stations

With more than 30,000 Superchargers, Tesla owns and operates the largest fast charging network in the world.

With 13 new locations opening in 2021, it feels like Tesla has begun its transition. But at the start of the vintage, Tesla promised 29 openings before the following year, bringing the total to 115 Superchargers on national territory before 2022. In February 2022, the account is unfortunately not there with 102 sites “only”.

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